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Making a Difference through Leadership, Service, and Success.

We are a school with a proud tradition of equipping learners with the necessary skills to not only fulfil their place in society, but also to be conscientious and hardworking. As long as the need for help exists for children with learning difficulties, so also will Jim van Tonder School address this need. Without doubt we can declare that a large number of learners that left our school, became responsible adults with beautiful personalities, good morals as productive and reliable citizens maintaining their legitimate place in society.

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Latest News and Updates


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Welcome to Our School

Shortly About Us

A Hearty welcome to you from us at Jim van Tonder School. We wish you a happy and successful school career. Our Vision is to send a well-balanced individual into the future.

Amazing Staff
Bright Students
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Jim Van Tonder School Strives to give quality technical training and academic tuition

High Standards

Jim Van Tonder School Strives to secure high standards/norms and values

Work Etic

Jim Van Tonder School Strives to create working ethics to be proud of


Jim Van Tonder School Strives to the total development of each individual to his/her potential

Welcome to Our School

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Our Facilities

Computer Training

Our computer training program is constantly updated with the latest tools and techniques, ensuring that our students are always on the cutting-edge of technology.

Our Facilities

Reading Centre

Our well-stocked library features a wide range of books, from classic literature to the latest bestsellers. We also offer a variety of reading programs, such as book clubs.

Our Facilities


Our gymnasium is more than just a place to play sports. It’s a hub of activity and a place for students to get active, stay healthy, and develop a lifelong love of fitness.


Recreational Activities

Sports We offer

Have a look below at some of the sports we offer at Jim Van Tonder School and visit our Sports Page for more information!


We have a dynamic and competitive environment for students to participate in a variety of track and field events.


Rugby is a great way to get students involved in a sport that combines physical activity, teamwork, and strategy.


Netball requires players to have quick reflexes, strong hand-eye coordination, and the ability to work well with teammates.

Soccer (Boys & Girls)

Soccer is a sport that emphasizes teamwork, quick thinking, and decision-making.


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Mr Roux

Deputy Principal


Mr Bornman

Deputy Principal

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