Special Education

Special Education is a specialized field for learners that don’t benefit from mainstream education. Here learners between 12(year in which they turn 13) -18 years receive formal education. They receive individual attention by using specialized resources effectively in smaller classes ensuring optimal development.

Although there are similarities in our and mainstream curriculums, our assessment and promotions skills differ mainly and address the learners’ needs in special education.

In a specialised school we can develop our own ethos. This ethos is developed for each learner around their different needs, expectations, aspirations and ideals. It is implemented and institutionalized by reaching specific teaching outcomes by both teacher and learner interactions.

Each learner is a unique case in progress, each with their own abilities and needs. You will find that the needs of learners aren’t met during a learner’s primary school career thus not benefitting by the education provided.

A learner can be referred for special education after the age of 12. Here we guide learners by using special opportunities with prudence and dedication to develop learners to an optimal performance.

This implies that the contents and presentation must occur in a personalized manner, where necessary, that it will be effective in reaching each learner’s potential. Smaller class groups and with one year per group in centres ensures individualized and personal attention. The work is adapted for specific learners’ creating the opportunity to work at their own pace and ability.

The aim of the school is to totally uplift and develop each learner. In the process to develop the learner’s skills, personality and character various areas are addressed to ensure the learners upbringing. For example scholastic work, technical and pre vocational training, sport and cultural activities (choir, reading, prose and poetry). The life skills program includes that learners are both prepared for career orientation and personality development that will automatically promote human dignity and self-esteem.

We provide an accountable co-curricular and an extra-mural program for our learners. Both programs provide the opportunity for our learners to participate in school leagues up to national level in sport and cultural activities. Social and emotional needs of our learners are met in homogeneous peers.

Learners in special education get the opportunity to develop both personal characteristics and leadership qualities that would not have been the case in less favourable circumstances (mainstream schools).


We provide an opportunity for learners to develop in a non-labelled atmosphere.


Special education provides each learner with career opportunities that suit their potential.


Every learner has the right to effective and meaningful teaching that is designed to provide for their specific learning disability and learning needs.


Within a Special School the teacher is a specialist in terms of teaching requirements, outcomes and subject knowledge. This teacher provides more specialized and effective teaching methods.


Ultimately the learner will reveal the quality of learning and the influence that the teaching had on him/her. Special Education has been established to provide optimal opportunities for the development and deployment of learner’s qualities.